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Ways to make things better for the next generations. Here you will find my past, present and ideas to help make the future brighter.


  • Electric Vehicles, the Good and the Bad

    Electric Vehicles, the Good and the Bad

    There are legitimate concerns regarding electric vehicles but overall the good definitely outweighs the bad. Good Bad reduce environmental impact uses fossil fuels and rare minerals in production reduce fuel costs can be expensive electricity is renewable takes time to charge less maintenance limited range better performance charging stations not always convenient Can charge at…

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  • Becoming a Climate Champion

    Becoming a Climate Champion

    We can alter the course of climate change but we need to act now. All of us have observed the climate related destruction going on in the world just in the last month. We have seen extreme fires in California threatening the Giant Sequias, flooding and heat waves on the east coast, the highest temperature…

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  • !!!CALL TO ACTION!!!

    !!!CALL TO ACTION!!!

    Did you happen to read the article in Time Magazine about what our world might look like in 2050 if we don’t start making some big changes now? Well, it was very interesting and very depressing. Many of us will still be around in 28 years (hopefully). Here is a link to the article: https://time.com/5824295/climate-change-future-possibilities/…

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  • Making Better School Lunches

    When I send my kids off to school I want to make sure they have healthy and satisfying lunches, along with them knowing that they are loved. Ideally, there is some thought put into their lunches instead of it becoming another chore to do day after day, which it definitely does become ever so often.…

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  • Vacations Make Kids Smarter – Let’s Go!

    With spring break just around the corner, the news has been reporting about how travel can educate your children in different ways. I found a blog post on the topic from http://www.sheknows.com which discusses research from the U.S. Department of Education’s finding on the topic in How vacations make kids smarter. The good news is that…

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  • Ideas for Different Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

    Ideas for Different Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

    Unique New Year’s Traditions from Around the Globe Need some ideas for celebrating a fun-filled New Years? Check out some of these interesting traditions from around the world. Many are meant to bring in good luck for the upcoming year. Why not add some to your own traditions when celebrating? Here’s to getting your year…

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