My family on Salt Spring Island

A few things about me…I am a Mom, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, explorer, researcher, dreamer, gardener, cook, constant learner, observer, volunteer and lover of life.

I have been away from this blog for awhile but used it when we traveled and lived in Europe when my kids were younger. I loved writing about our adventures and it is fun to look back on that!

I am now an empty nester…time flies and am wanting to start writing just my thoughts on the climate crisis that we are facing. It is a global concern that I think connects us all. We all want to preserve this incredible earth that we live on. I will be exploring different ways that we can do this and ways that we can make small changes in our daily lives that add up to big changes. It is the one thing that we can control in this crazy world.

I hope you enjoy it and can find helpful ideas! Please contact me with any comments. Thanks for reading!

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