And now a word from a special guest blogger

Here she is, my guest blogger…Lily!!! Hope you her enjoy her post!

The Farmers Market

Yesterday, we went to the farmers market and it was so exciting! While we were there we saw so many different things like pig heads cut right from the body, and I think the pig’s eyes were still in its head. We saw many other different things that were amazing! The food in France is so different than the food in the United States! I really like the food better than I thought I was going to, especially the crepes and croissants! I can see why the French brag about their food. At the farmers market we also saw so many different types of cheeses that I could not  keep track of! My sister and I got fresh croissants, my dad got an éclair and my mom got a café au lait. It was such a great experience!

More to come soon,


6 responses to “And now a word from a special guest blogger”

  1. Love you Lilly!! Glad to hear you are enjoying the food! France is the motherland to the culinary world! What did you think of that pigs head? Do you know why they were selling it? What do you think someone would use the head for??


  2. Nicely written Lily! Ask your Mom if you can have some haggis while you are in England- I think it is a specialty of Scotland. Just don’t ask what it is.


  3. Eat a chocolate croissant for me, Lily! Or maybe three!! Your writing is making me hungry for all the wonderful French food that’s available so easily (although not so much during my reading about the pig’s head!) Please give your big sister a giant hug – we all miss your beautiful smiles back at Webster!


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