Suffering from Wanderlust?


a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.

airplane in sky
I frequently suffer from wanderlust. When it first appears the symptoms settle in my bones and then it begins to drive me just a little nutty. My first affliction with wanderlust appeared at an early age. My parents took me on many adventures throughout the United States and Europe. I was very lucky and realized that I couldn’t get enough of wandering about.
Many of us are troubled with wanderlust ever so often.  When you get a strong case of wanderlust and cannot get away to satiate that desire to explore, here are a few suggestions that might help get you through it.
change it up
1. Step away from your routine. Mix it up a bit. Head down to a new cafe in the morning for your coffee and pay attention to what is around you. Keep electronic devices out of reach.
2. Try something new. I keep looking at the painting classes from my local Groupon and think, I might have to give it a try. Maybe a cooking class too…
3. Take a tour in your own city. I live in a big enough city where there are still new things to explore, if this is not the case with you, it maybe as simple as taking a different route just to see a new street or a new view.
4. Find a new restaurant, a new store or even a grocery store that may have just a little bit of a different “flavor”. There is a great Mediterranean grocery store near me that I must visit again.
5. Connect to the moment, watch the sunset or sunrise and just sit still and breathe.
6. Check into a hotel in your city for an easy getaway or you can even rent a home through one of the many vacation rental websites like, or It doesn’t have to be pricey, there are lots of deals these days.
There is so much to do and see right under our toes but we get complacent and stuck. I am very guilty of this. Time to cure my wanderlust!  I am heading out now, see you soon!

4 responses to “Suffering from Wanderlust?”

  1. Holly this is so receptive of you! So many things to see right in our backyards. This is really well written!


  2. My dear Fields family first i have to thank you that Katherina Kinsky can stay with you and than i want also to thank for the kind review. As you know i give up my small buisness and our son Johannes and his family will move in the house. I do it with one crying and one laughing eye i will miss my friends who came from all over the world (California !!!!!) they all brought joy into our house I will miss them very much. The other side we will see our grandchild Matheo every day so our life comes in a new area. Hans is very bussy, he works in the garden, he repaired everything in the house, he starts the next few days to shop the wood for our “Kachelofen” (Austrian stove) ….we have 5 of them !!!!! We have know both a pacemaker, Hans on the right side and me on the left side, its good for dancing !!!!! But we are on good health (i have since a week a flu, but I am on the road to recovery.) I am happy when i can get up in the morning and do my work, can go for a walk, can drink a glas of wine, sitting together with people i like, going to a concert in Salzburg, visiting the relatives (we have a lot of them and i love them) having friends with us ….. we still have a bedroom for friends who come to visit us and in November Hans and i go for 2 weeks to Spain with friends ( we are 12 persons) and we want to spend a lot of time with Matheo. This child warms our hearts (i send you a few photos) he is so sweet GRANDPARENTS ARE LIKE THAT !!!!!!! Sorry this mail took me long time, but our thoughts are often with you. You were an exception, a family travels for 7 months through Europe, something special for a family, especially children. Great !! I would do it if I were young. I worked as a tour guide, I would not miss this time. I saw the world from China to South America. It was wonderful and this dream no one can take me. I wish you all the best and THANK YOU SO MUCH

    Hans & Luise


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