Making Better School Lunches

Lunch BagWhen I send my kids off to school I want to make sure they have healthy and satisfying lunches, along with them knowing that they are loved. Ideally, there is some thought put into their lunches instead of it becoming another chore to do day after day, which it definitely does become ever so often. To try and stay on track, I like to change it up every once in a while, to keep them and myself fresh and excited about the whole lunch process.

My latest findings have put a zing back into making their school lunch. My kids are pretty picky eaters so it can be a challenge. Trader Joe’s has mini baguettes that you can finish baking in the morning and then pack with their individual brie bites in small packages. Add some organic grapes and tomatoes, and you have a lunch that can transport you to Paris, wishful thinking I know… Trader Joe’s also sells lunch meats that are nitrate-free. We have been trying some of the different sandwich meats with their tasty sourdough sandwich bread. They really enjoy lunches with cheese, crackers, salami slices along with carrot sticks and organic apples. Another favorite are pre-made salads with their favorite lettuce, tomatoes, croutons and parmesan. Keep it cool and store the salad dressing separate so they can toss everything together right before eating.

I have been making them some fun reusable lunch bags with matching napkins. I hope they bring some color into their school days. The bags are available on Etsy. Here is a link to my site if you are interested:

Hope this gives you some new ideas on how to get away from making peanut butter and jelly the whole year, I have done that too…

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