Becoming a Climate Champion

We can alter the course of climate change but we need to act now. All of us have observed the climate related destruction going on in the world just in the last month. We have seen extreme fires in California threatening the Giant Sequias, flooding and heat waves on the east coast, the highest temperature ever recorded in London, fires in France, Spain and Portugal, and drought in the Middle East. Our whole planet is affected and the generations that come after us will all be affected as well. Studies have shown that climate change in fact is 100% caused by humans. There are steps we can all take to make a difference and to help slow down climate change.

  • Step 1: Call or write President Joe Biden today so he will declare a climate emergency. You can tell him your thoughts at
  • Step 2: Plant some trees or native plants to your area and home
  • Step 3: Eat less meat
  • Step 4: Reduce food waste
  • Step 5: Reduce reliance on fossil fuels by driving hybrid or electric cars, using solar or buying your energy from clean energy sources
  • Step 6: Reduce use of plastics and recycle
  • Step 7: Vote for people who want to make the climate top priority

Humans are the biggest contributors to climate change. Climate change is 100% caused by humans. Unfortunately, 80% of Americans don’t consistently make an effort to live a sustainable life, according to Pew. This needs to change. Become a Climate Champion. Do what you can. Talk to your friends and family, make changes, we have too.

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