Electric Vehicles, the Good and the Bad

There are legitimate concerns regarding electric vehicles but overall the good definitely outweighs the bad.

reduce environmental impact
uses fossil fuels and rare minerals in production
reduce fuel costscan be expensive
electricity is renewabletakes time to charge
less maintenance limited range
better performancecharging stations not always convenient
Can charge at night when rates are lower and less stress on the power grid
tax credits available
Electric vehicles – Good vs Bad

The biggest issue I have with electric vehicles is that they do use fossil fuels and rare minerals in their production. Gas vehicles use fossil fuels in their production too but not to the same extent. If you drive your electric car long enough though, you will eventually breakeven with your carbon footprint where you never break even in your gas vehicle. Yes, it does take time. Every car is different in its use of fossil fuels in the manufacturing process but keeping the car for a long time or buying used electric vehicles would help with the carbon footprint. Charging your car with electricity from clean electricity sources also helps reduce your carbon footprint more quickly.

Emissions from the transportation sector are the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. The impact of electric vehicles will be significant in the fight for our planet’s health. New fleets of electric vehicles are coming from Amazon, Fedex, PG&E, Best Buy, DHL and others which will help to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Crude oil, used to make gas for cars is a finite resource. It will eventually run out. The extraction process of crude oil causes many environmental issues, including oil spills and air pollution. To reduce our use of this fossil fuel will have so many positive impacts. I feel it makes sense to go electric if you are able to, even with the negatives.

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