Hot, hot, hot!

Well we are done with Palm Springs, thankfully! As much as I love Palm Springs and its environs in the winter, summer is another story.  There is much to appreciate in the Coachella Valley with its desert landscapes, mid-century architecture and wonderful resorts but as much as you try, the heat is just oppressive and there is only so much of being in the pool (which is the only place that makes being outside bearable).  I have had a hard time not being outside, we are very spoiled here in Southern California! 

We have had fun though and have tried to make the most of the heat.  Palm Springs was the best place for us as we try to stay on budget. We do have a pretty big trip planned for the next 6  months so we  needed a place where it was easy on the bank account.

While in Palm Springs we have been lucky to be able to see lots of friends and family, plan a few more stops for our European adventure, get the girls in some French classes and swim classes, watch lots of the Olympics (loved it!) visited the Palm Springs Art Museum and began our online homeschooling.  This was especially good on the really hot days when there was not much else to do anyway…
Don’t tell anyone but both girls learned how to drive a golf cart and a golf ball (you can tell people that part) but not the driving the golf cart part, not sure exactly the “rules” for that one. They enjoyed driving the golf carts much more than the golf balls but still did amazingly well, they get it from their dad! Not an easy sport. Takes a lot to get that little ball all the way to that little hole!

Trying to come up with fun indoor activities, we headed to the bowling alley, they have got to do something about the slimy finger holes in the balls and the shoes! Just saying…yikes!
Now we are in Idyllwild, it is 20 degrees cooler and very nice to see some greenery. Idyllwild is a sweet little town in the mountains with lots of art galleries and great hiking trails. I am excited to be able to be outside without sweating. Next, we head to San Diego to spend our last weeks in the States before heading abroad. Looking forward to seeing family and friends!

Here is my very handsome husband in Idyllwild.  It is so nice and beautiful, such a nice change from the desert!

The girls love it here and are out searching for forest faeries as we speak, so sweet!  It is strange with everyone getting ready for back to school and we are well, not…  So excited for our traveling adventures to begin!

California road trip continues…

A long, long, long time ago in a place called Sacramento…I was born. I have not been back to Sacramento for probably 20 years and needless to say it has changed a lot, but not the places I remember, like Old Sacramento which is as cute now as it was then.


We had really lucky with timing, as we visited the Capitol building when the last Senate session was meeting, just before their summer recess. One important issue they were voting on was the bullet train, which passed, by the way. It was such a great lesson in politics and history which is exactly why are taking this adventure in the first place.




A trip to the Railroad Museum and the Governor’s Mansion completed my walk down memory
lane, and our tour of Sacramento.



It was really fun visiting Sacramento, we drove by a house I lived in and my old elementary school, so many changes but so many things stay the same, as well. Next stop Chico…

And the California road trip begins…

First stop Solvang. Located in the beautiful San Ynez Valley, Solvang is a quaint (yet touristy) Danish-like village complete with aebleskivers!



Just outside of Solvang is a miniature horse ranch named Quicksilver where American miniatures roam freely in picturesque pastures.


Back on the road to feed the ostriches in Buellton, right off the 101.


Next day we head to Cambria with a walk along Moonstone Beach.


Incredible Elephant Seals.


And of course no trip to the central coast of California is complete with out a stop to the fascinating Hearst Castle.



Finally, we found a last minute fireworks show in Paso Robles!


Next stop, Sacramento!