California road trip continues…

A long, long, long time ago in a place called Sacramento…I was born. I have not been back to Sacramento for probably 20 years and needless to say it has changed a lot, but not the places I remember, like Old Sacramento which is as cute now as it was then.


We had really lucky with timing, as we visited the Capitol building when the last Senate session was meeting, just before their summer recess. One important issue they were voting on was the bullet train, which passed, by the way. It was such a great lesson in politics and history which is exactly why are taking this adventure in the first place.




A trip to the Railroad Museum and the Governor’s Mansion completed my walk down memory
lane, and our tour of Sacramento.



It was really fun visiting Sacramento, we drove by a house I lived in and my old elementary school, so many changes but so many things stay the same, as well. Next stop Chico…

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