Great App for Travel Daydreamers

Planning our extended trip to Europe has me looking at lots of different resources, one being Travel and Leisure magazine.  A recent article that I came across had writers expressing why they love to travel so much, and many expressed how nice it is just to get “lost” somewhere.  When traveling you usually have the time to get “lost” so let the adventures begin. Yes!

One of the writers, Gary Shteygart, talked about how these days, with our iPhones and other electronic devices, it is almost impossible to actually get lost.  He writes about his favorite app, Plane Finder AR ($2.99) which allows you to identify planes that are flying overhead.  How cool is that? How many times have you looked skyward and have seen a plane and wondered which exotic locale those lucky passengers inside were jetting off to, well I have…and now I can know!  This app doesn’t help you get lost but at least you can daydream about it!

Here is to getting lost my friends!

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