Palace of Versailles

Driving up to the Palace of Versailles had us all wondering with excitement.  Would it at all be like Hearst Castle which we had visited earlier in the summer?  Well, not at all, the Palace of Versailles makes Hearst Castle look like a guest house, albeit an amazing guest house!  The grounds where the Palace of Versailles sits are enormous.  The formal French gardens were originally designed by Andre Le Notre and took forty years to complete.

Hard to imagine what life must have been like for the royal families who lived in the Palace before the French Revolution, but what a spectacle it must have been.  Complete opulence. 

Every turn of the corner brought another incredible priceless wonder.

What a treat to see this treasure of France!

Au revoir!

3 responses to “Palace of Versailles”

  1. So happy to see that the trip of a lifetime has finally begun! The girls are learning much more than any classroom could provide, and I am sure you are all enjoying learning as much about each other as you are learning about the world. Close quarters make for close families – so stay close and enjoy every moment together! Great pictures and thanks for taking the rest of us with you! Love and hugs to the girls!!


    • You are such a wise lady 🙂 Loved hearing from you! You are so right about learning so much about each other too, I am loving that part! Hope you had a great summer and are off to a good school year! We all miss you! Our best to you always! Grace and Lily send you big hugs and kisses! XOXO


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